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Write to your elected representatives!

Something you can do to support the establishment and funding of supervised consumption services in Manitoba is contact your elected representative. Copy and paste the template below and customize it with your information. Then email or snail mail your MLA, MP or city councillor with your customized text!

House of Commons

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Winnipeg City Council

[Politician Name & title]


Dear [Mx/Ms/Mrs/Mr. _________] I am writing today to add my voice to the 80+ organizations that signed the October 31, 2022 Open Letter ( urging all levels of government to take immediate action on the overdose and toxic drug supply crises.

These overlapping crises have been in effect since 2016 and have only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, a record 407 Manitobans died by overdose, and the existing data for 2022 have us on course to beat that number.

The Open Letter outlined seven calls to action, and I support all of them, because they are validated by evidence and developed by experts in the field – including academics, health professionals, and People Who Use Drugs. Every overdose and drug poisoning represents the loss of an irreplaceable human life, and that loss ripples out into the community.

I urge you to do whatever you can to put any and all of the calls to action into effect as soon as possible.


[Your name]

[Your address and postal code]

[Your email and/or phone number]

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